Lafayette on Lexington

“Making my way downtown…” Wait, what happened to The Local Taco?

The hipster texicana locale has been jazzed up and taken over by Lafayette, featuring authentic Creole and Cajun cuisine inspired by “La Louisiane.”

The maĆ®tre d’ is lovely. The interior is modern and open. The patio is clean, partially roofed, with a perfect view of Lexington Ave for the people watcher in all of us. 

The water is a relief from Asheveille’s Summer heat. The cocktail menu was libated- I mean liberated- from the French Quarter. The classics are well crafted, personally opting for a mimosa, which was delightfully more bitter than most. 

Like sister venues Le Creperie and Bouchon, Lafayette is welcoming and accommodating for those with food sensitivities, including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan needs. 

I tried the crab crepe with a side of dirty rice. The crepe is well balanced sweet, spicy, and flavor nuances dancing across the palate. The dirty rice is traditionally gamey and oh-so-filling. 

For dessert? Bananas Foster. I’ll let you know if it’s just as yummy. (It smells heavenly).

Tony’s Tip: Also order Beignets to dip in the excess rum sauce for a decadent diabetic coma.


So, what do you do when you have a phenomenal resume and no prospects?

That is a very personal choice. A choice I’m having to make. I’m still living at home, helping care for my grandmother. Working part time at a job that I love but the fact that its part time means I’m still financially dependent, which is not the ideal scenario.

While I am actively seeking opportunity, applying to everything I’m mostly qualified for, I’m facing the facts. 1) I’ve been actively searching for over a year for full time work. 2) I’m getting minimal response to my applications. 3) This is my time to shine and chase my dreams.

Which leaves me two options. I can keep looking for full time work and hope and pray and plea with the gods that I get something, or I can go to graduate school. And suddenly I’m thinking “I just graduated, do I really want to go back?” The internal answer is, while I miss the academic atmosphere, I don’t miss the deadlines and all nighters, but clearly my current resume is not enough to put me on top of the stack, so I need something more.

But is a Masters degree going to be enough to get me a full time job in a field that prefers experience to academia? I simply don’t know. Life is a gamble. Do I have the guts to let it ride? Maybe. Just maybe.

Working in Radio

So, I’m loving this job at WRGC. I’m on air every weekday afternoon 2-6 and doing quite a bit of web design/maintenance. Giving away tickets, choosing the music. And I’m LOVING the people here. The thing about radio people is we’re all geeks. The thing about radio is you can be as nerdy, geeky, individual as you please and people will eat it up. WRGC is a variety station, so their library is as eclectic as mine. Everyday is fun-filled as long as I’m multi-tasking, otherwise its boring just sitting there staring at a screen. I am so thankful for the way my life has turned out so far. I’m hoping to go full time soon. The important thing is I’m happy where I am, for now.

First Job

I’m running board operations in the WRGC 540-AM studio for the Smoky Mountain High School-Swain County High School football game. This is my first live sporting operation event, and I’m doing amazingly well, despite early technical difficulties that were partly my fault. I’m loving every minute in the studio, and I learn more every day.