New Year, New Adventures

Let me start with: WOW!

I worked diligently and with critical eyes on my courses for the Fall Semester. And it paid off. 4.0 GPA and I’m registered for Intro to Fashion Journalism, Intro to Styling, and Advanced Short Form Production for the Spring Semester.

I spent New Year’s at home with my boyfriend. It was quiet and perfect. Usually, I host a NYE party because I hated spending it alone, but sadly most of my friends had other plans. The day he had to fly back home (to Mississippi), I contented myself at the wonderful Crow and Quill bar in downtown Asheville.

As I was leaving, I found an inaugural meeting of an actual Bridge Club. As in, little old women playing the card game no one knows in Hollywood productions Bridge Club. But what was amazing about it is that no one there actually knows how to play. We’re all learning together! And so far, I enjoy it. The game actually challenges my brain and it is truly a pleasurable distraction. (Think Chess and Poker in a 13 move card game.)

I also discovered a group of media professionals who host regular Photoshoot Socials. I intend to take full advantage of this networking opportunity as I move forward in my degree, with my Thesis Project, and into my career.

And I’m way ahead on that Thesis thing. As I started reading the Midpoint Review and Thesis requirements, I became more and more excited. I have a theme. I have a concept. I have a 21 page cover-to-cover storyboard of a Magazine prototype on piece of scrap paper in my purse right this very moment. But I’m not up for Review until the Fall, assuming I can take 9 hours in the Summer.

This revived enthusiasm even pushed me to once again venture into the world of job searching. Because while I have learned a lot working in Surveillance, it is not my future. It is not my path. I will do the job with everything I have for as long as it is my job, because that’s just how I do things, but I am not happy with it.

We only have one life to live: why would you waste it doing something you have no passion for?